The “January Effect” is the common misconception that stocks tend to increase in value after New Year’s Day. There seems to be a much stronger correlation between market performance post January with the performance of the market at the end of the previous year.
Q4 of 2016 saw big trends continue in many markets available for trading on the First Global site. Many traders have been taking advantage of these moves alongside using Currency Switch to double up on their bitcoin positions riding the trend up to over 1000. Will bitcoin top all time high hit on November 29, 2013 when bitcoin $1,124.76? Will there be a retracement while traders cash out profits in expectation of a correction?
One way you can increase your returns on bitcoin trading is to use the increased value of that asset to trade indices, stocks, ETFs and precious metal futures on the First Global Trading Platform.
When bitcoins go up – you make money.
When stocks trend – you make more money.
When both bitcoin and stocks trend – you make even more.

These are 3 stocks on the platform trading at their 52-week highs.

AIZ – Assurant, Inc.- Assurant Anounces Dividend Increase
KLXI – KLX, Inc. – KLX Inc. Reports Strong Third Quarter Results
TLLP – Tesoro Logistics LP – Tesoro Announces Intention to offer $1.6 Billion in Senior Notes