Security and Compliance

Security and Service Continuity

First Global Credit uses enterprise quality security and processes to protect our customers and their assets. This starts with the physical security of our systems which are maintained in Tier III, financial grade data centres. Our servers are mirrored for resilience and backed up in 15 minute increments to guard against infection from undocumented viruses. We also maintain ongoing end of the month snap shot archives to meet most regulatory compliant environments.

Logs are maintained of all account changes and every trade is time and date stamped and archived so that any question that arises concerning trade fills can be confirmed.

The website is secured by a banking grade SSL certificate with Site Lock. SiteLock scans the First Global site for security gaps and detects malware infections that hackers use to steal information, infect customers or divert traffic and removes them before it can impact our customers.

Withdrawals are protected through 2 step authentication to guard against asset theft.

We recognize that the Internet is a rapidly changing environment and we strive to keep step by constantly improving the security of our processes and systems. Please contact support if you have any questions about the measures we use to maintain the protection of your assets and privacy.

Why do we perform KYC checks?

KYC or Know your Customer is a standard agreed by the global banking community. But at First Global Credit our first priority is to assure the security of our customer assets. When we know the identity of people using our websites, we can protect our customers against anonymous hackers as well as government seizure.

Corporate Structure and Domiciliation

The company’s head office is located in Geneva, Switzerland with customer support services originating in the UK. All client contracts are held by First Global Client Services, address, Nevis. First Global Credit trades global securities, including US stocks. The company does not have a presence in the United States and are not a US regulated Broker Dealer.”


First Global Credit operates under a Direct Market Access (DMA) model. This is the most transparent way to make sure trades are executed at fair market value. This means that orders are hedged immediately in the underlying physical market and executed at the price of the hedge. We monetize the company on the published fee schedule and not be taking a spread on trade execution.

Further, First Global Credit adheres to the MiFID standard which aims to provide clients with the widest possible access to counterparty traders by routing orders through as many paths as possible. This includes multiple exchanges and dark pools.