Does your company offer a return on digital currency investments?

We are actively seeking companies that offer investment vehicles that offer a return on digital currency. We will create opportunities to introduce customers to your site. To become a supplier of investment services you must follow AML/KYC conventions and pass through a process of due diligence to make sure our customer’s assets will be handled in a responsible fashion.

Are you interested in partnering on services that generate a return on digital currency?

First Global Credit is looking to partner with companies that have relationships with digital currency holders. Please contact our communications director to discuss the potential of this kind of relationship.

Are you a profitable trader?

Private Trading Group

First Global Credit will part stake profitable traders interested in joining our social trading network. Join a team of elite traders who have access to trading accounts with professional increased margin levels. To apply for the Private Trading Group submit a trading strategy document of 750 words or less.

Star Trader Tracking

In Q4 of 2016 we will launch Star Trader Tracking. This is a service that will provide bitcoin holders with the ability to track the trading decisions of profitable market traders. Star traders will have to show live trading histories to attract followers. They will be able to set a performance fee for allowing followers to track their trades. The First Global Credit platform will automatically place tracking trades on behalf of the followers. To apply for membership in the Star Trader Tracking Service contact our communications director.