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22 August , 2017

AICoin ICO nearing successful end of offering period

“…In speaking to our investors to date, there are three factors that have really generated excitement in AICoin and motivated subscribers,” adds Marcie Terman, Chief Operating Officer of First Global Credit.

“Firstly, our investors are very interested in watching the models trade.  There is a lot of speculation of how they will handle market corrections or periods of sideward movement… 

17 August , 2017

AICoin Announces Investment Board Formation

Call Goes Out for Candidates from the AICoin Collective to Select Start-ups for Investment
August 17, 2017    Singapore

AICoin, a new type of investment vehicle that works as a collective combining the power of artificial intelligence with the wisdom of the crowd is nearing the close of its ICO subscription period.
As part of the governance process, an Investment Board will be created. The primary responsibility of the Board will be the preliminary review of investment proposals presented to the Collective for funding. Their goal will be to narrow the number of proposals down to no more than five every quarter. These finalists will then be presented to the token holders of the Collective to vote which of the proposals will receive funding that quarter.

02 August , 2017

Hard Fork Policy Update

First Global Credit Bitcoin/Bitcoincash Policy Update

31 July , 2017

AICoin Appoints Jon Matonis as First Member of ICO Start-up Investment Board

Jon Matonis says of his appointment to the Board.
“This investment board position will afford me the opportunity to recommend sensible investments in the sector that truly leverage the properties of global openness and immutability.  I think this token is perhaps one of the most exciting and innovative launches in the ICO market to date.  The idea of generating profits from AI as an engine for other AI and blockchain tech start-ups is both inspired and visionary.  I look forward to serving the token holders and the eyes and ears of the marketplace by identifying the richest ideas for further consideration and investment.”
“This investment board position will afford me the opportunity to recommend sensible investments in the sector that truly leverage the properties of global openness and immutability.  I think this token is perhaps one of the most exciting and innovative launches in the ICO market to date.  The idea of generating profits from AI as an engine for other AI and blockchain tech start-ups is both inspired and visionary.  I look forward to serving the token holders and the eyes and ears of the marketplace by identifying the richest ideas for further consideration and investment.”

25 July , 2017

How First Global Credit Will Handle a Hard Fork

There has been much speculation about whether a bitcoin hard fork is immanent. First Global has put together this strategy document so customers understand our position and what is likely to happen to their account and assets if this event occurs.

25 June , 2017

Generating Wealth through Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain

First Global Credit, a premier cryptocurrency capital markets company, has entered into a partnership with a team of developers using Artificial Intelligence trading algorithms to form AICOIN (, a unique ICO that will formally launch on July 17 and is currently in community review mode. The whitepaper can be reviewed at

10 May , 2017

Investment Opportunity for First Global Clients

Something I’ve been looking at for a while in my role as CEO of First Global Credit is the way that we can use public blockchains to the advantage of people I would class as “Passive Investors.” These people are sophisticated, so they understand that where there is outstanding potential there is likely to be commensurate level of risk, but they also know that cryptocurrency trading is presenting the  kind of opportunity that has not been seen in the markets for quite a few years.

05 May , 2017

Do A.I and Cryptocurrency work well together?

We are speaking about the world-altering technology of Artificial Intelligence as the first superpower coupled with the financial system disruptive technology of cryptocurrency — a decentralised payment system that circumvents government manipulation of currency and is forcing us to redefine the concept of money. The question is: Can these two technologies be used together to change the way ordinary people like you and me invest our money 

24 April , 2017

Stock Market Trend Report 24 April 2017

Trending stocks are a great thing to watch when looking for market opportunities. This week has a high number of winners on 52 week highs and no downside stocks.

18 April , 2017

Stock Market Trend Report 18 April 2017

Trending stocks are a great thing to watch when looking for market opportunities. Here’s a list of stocks represented on the First Global platform that are reaching either 52 week highs or 52 week lows.

30 March , 2017

Currency Switch tutorial Video

Here are some new tips on using the Currency Switch service to help lift your profits to a new level! No Images? Click here

28 March , 2017

The Secret Profit Opportunity Hidden in Currency Switch

This blogpost originally came from people asking me how to set up their trading so that they won’t accidentally overspend and leverage their stock trades. Leveraged trading can move stops SO CLOSE that any tic in the market stops you out losing you what might ultimately be a profitable trade. But Currency Switch can also be used to increase your profits many times greater than the average bitcoin exchange. Here’s why!

26 March , 2017

FGC Policy in the Event of a Hard Fork

In the event that there is a hard fork of the bitcoin network that creates 2 viable blockchains; BTC and BTU, the following policy will apply.

06 March , 2017

First Global Credit Adds German equities to bitcoin backed stock trading, also promises expansion of choice throughout 2017.

First Global Credit, the company that offers more choice to people looking for ways to generate profits from their bitcoins now adds Germany, a second European market to their bitcoin backed stock trading platform. This addition of 30 German stocks comes on the heels of the successful addition of over 50 Hong Kong traded stocks in February of this year. 

06 March , 2017

Market Report and Snapchat Update

This is the 6th week in a row the S&P500 and NASDAQ rose. In a close second, DJIA has just completed rising 4 weeks in a row.  Many traders also took advantage of Snapchat being available to trade on the site.

02 March , 2017

Is Snapchat a good buy or sell?

Is Snapchat a good buy or sell?

Well it depends how you look at it.

Initially, the parent company of Snapchat fixed the release of the first shares at $17.00 USD and shortly the market should start trading there. However, the information varies as to true value, with word on the street stating the market cap anywhere from $20 – $24 billion USD. That’s a big difference. And what about further dilution…

05 February , 2017

Now you can use bitcoin to trade the profit opportunities in Asia

First Global Credit, the first company to bring mainstream profit opportunities within the reach of bitcoin holders, has just added over 50 fast moving stocks from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) to those already available on the bitcoin backed trading portal. The stocks cover not only Hong Kong based companies but will make it possible to hold positions in over 30 mainland Chinese companies that are traded on the HKEX.

31 January , 2017

Gavin Smith Interviewed on The FutureTech Podcast

CEO, Gavin Smith, tells the FutureTech podcast host how cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, can be used to trade stocks and ETFs. 

24 January , 2017

Where are the profit opportunities – week of January 23, 2017

What markets are trending this week? Take a look at the markets available to trade on the platform now trading near their 52 week highs!

17 January , 2017

52 Week Stock Highs for Jan 17, 2017

The second week of January 2017 was another characterised by strongly trending markets. We have identified 6 markets available to trade on the First Global site trading at their 52 week highs. A long position on stocks like these when coupled with a long bitcoin position can yield excellent returns.

12 January , 2017

Do you know which stocks outperformed bitcoin in 2016

In 2016, bitcoin went up by 125%, but there were quite a few stocks available for trading on the First Global Site that went up significantly more. Here’s some stocks our traders focused on during 2016 to generate spectacular returns.

06 January , 2017

2017 Bitcoin Comes of Age

It looks like 2017 may be the year that bitcoin really comes of age!

You can now use bitcoin in more places, they have more purchasing power and you can use them to grow your portfolio in many more ways. As an example, you can buy twice as much company stock with bitcoin today than you could with your bitcoins in January of 2016.

04 January , 2017

The January Effect

The “January Effect” is the common misconception that stocks tend to increase in value after New Year’s Day. There seems to be a much stronger correlation between market performance post January with the performance of the market at the end of the previous year.
Q4 of 2016 saw big trends continue in many markets available for trading on the First Global site.

10 December , 2016

Volatility caused by US Election of Donald Trump Contributes to Stellar Results for Bitcoin Capital Market Company First Global Credit

First Global Credit, the first company that allows cryptocurrency holders to access the profit potential of mainstream capital markets posted over $12 million dollars-worth of trading on the platform during the month of November. This record tops the previous high set in February of 2016 when combined stock, futures and bitcoin to fiat currency trading on the site totalled $2.1 million dollars.

15 November , 2016

Capital Markets Veteran Gavin Smith Calls for Better Security Standards for Bitcoin Traders

“Blockchain fintech companies can not only provide better security for bitcoin traders we can also solve the problems that plague conventional capital market companies.”

01 November , 2016

Winner Announcement – Competitive Edge Trading Competition

The First Global Credit Trading Competitions are always interesting to watch. It seems like there are no 2 traders that have the same view about the same set of markets. Of course there are the specialists. People that excel in trading bitcoins against fiat currencies, stock or futures traders. There are few people that do well over all the market categories.
Because of the lack of big moves in the market, this was a difficult competition to trade, especially for currency traders who had a boring time until the last few days of trading when bitcoin went to the moon.

11 September , 2016

Gavin Smith discusses positive changes in the bitcoin capital market

Gavin Smith, XBT / First Global CEO was invited by the Digital Currency Summit Group to open their Conference on Blockchain Capital Markets held at the BT Auditorium – London on September 9, 2016. He chose to focus on the changes in market perception and behaviour following the DAO hack of June 2016 and the Bitfinex hack in August. He cited both as factors that have motivated some interesting and ultimately positive changes in the market. Here is the gist of Gavin’s observations.

28 August , 2016

First Global Sponsors London BlockChain Summit

First Global Credit, a subsidiary of XBT Corp, will be a sponsor of the Digital Currency Summit’s next event on September 9th at the BT Auditorium, 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. 

14 March , 2016

First Global Credit Brings Commodity Futures Trading to Digital Currency Holders

First Global credit provides new answers to the question, what can I do with my bitcoins?

28 January , 2016

First Global Credit Private Trading Group Goes Public

First Global Credit announces open auditions for talented traders to qualify for part-subsidized Private Trading Group accounts.

19 January , 2016

London Stock Exchange Added to First Global bitcoin backed stock trading

First Global Credit, the first company that allows bitcoin to be used as collateral margin to trade over 200 different stocks and dozens of ETFs has expanded the range of available equities to include shares traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE.)

01 January , 2016

2015 Press & Blogs

Access for 2015 Press & Blogs

11 December , 2015

First Global Credit Hires Global Brand Builder Belmonte to Lead Brand Development Strategy

Belmonte joins team as company enters high growth phase

London, United Kingdom, December 11, 2015: First Global Credit, the leading site for creating value for bitcoins through traditional market investments, announced today that it has hired Joe Belmonte to lead worldwide marketing strategy, brand initiatives and all new product launches. The hire comes at a point where First Global Credit just reached the milestone of $1.8M in trading and is growing at a rate of 50% per quarter.

25 September , 2015

First Global Credit CEO Gavin Smith goes on the record about Bitcoin’s Coming of Age (1)

2014’s drop in bitcoin’s value coupled with lacklustre performance in 2015 has given a boost to the currency’s naysayers who state that bitcoin is just not ready for public consumption. First Global Credit’s CEO Gavin Smith. Smith says nothing could be further from the truth and is going on the record to talk about the future of bitcoin as a medium for professional and private investment at 2 key industry events.

On the 30th of September, GMI Events has organized a panel discussion chaired by Ron Quaranta of Digital Currency Labs. Then on the 7th of October Mr. Smith will be leading a talk during Barcelona’s Blockchain Week on The Bitcoin Capital Market. Both events target the banking and professional financial industry, exploring the opportunities presented by bitcoin investments and the growth potential for investment in the digital currency markets.

22 September , 2015

Meet FGC trader Paul Keane as he talks about his stock picks

Thomas Paul Keane, who likes to be known as Paul, at 36 is an ‘old hand’ in the young world of digital currencies. He’s an extremely active member of the bitcoin community, amember of the Bitcoin Foundation and 2 chapters of Michigan Bitcoiners. He’s a Cryptographer, API developer, bitcoin miner since 2011, bitcoin evangelist and altruist. Paul is happy to reach out and assist people who are serious about digital currency.

If I were asked to describe Paul in one word, I would say ‘ENTHUSIASTIC.’ And yes, I would put that word in capitals.

Paul is a member of the First Global Private Trading Group. Member of the group are provided with part-funding by FGC and limited risk. He approached me with a number of really interesting stocks he wanted added to the platform. I thought his stock picks were really well thought out so I asked his permission (which he quickly granted) to share them with you.

24 July , 2015

New Stocks Added to Platform

Eight additions to the stock trading platform. Remember if you have any equities you would like to see on the platform just email the support team and risk control will look on whether they can be added to the platform.
Coming soon, Hong Kong Stocks.
Good luck!

08 July , 2015

Are you good enough to be the TOP Bit-Trader

First Global Credit launches a new and enhanced Stock Market Trading Competition in partnership with the NewsBTC

Following the success of the first competition launched in December 2014, First Global Credit is working with NewsBTC to launch the TOP Bit-Trader Competition which will start on 22ND of July and run until close of market trading on Friday August 14th. That gives each trader just 18 trading days to see how well they can do against their peers.

02 July , 2015

New Stocks Added to Platform

Nine more additions to the stock trading platform. Remember if you have any equities you would like to see on the platform just email the support team and risk control will look on whether they can be added to the platform.
Good luck!

01 July , 2015

First Global Credit achieves 2 major milestones in one month

First Global Credit has reached two significant milestones this June. The number of registered users now stands at 1006. June also saw a significant increase in the volume of trading on the site. Our clients have now traded well over a half million dollars worth of stocks, all in a single month of trading.

22 June , 2015

New Stocks Added to Platform

We are going to be adding new things to trade to the platform regularly. Here are 7 new stocks and basic information about them.
Good luck!

09 June , 2015

New Stocks Added to Platform

Hello friends and colleagues,
We’re adding some rather exciting new stocks to the system and those of you interested in looking for new money making opportunities might consider doing some research on these issues.
Here we go.

13 April , 2015

Jon Matonis joins bitcoin visionary financial services firm First Global Credit

First Global Credit, the first company offering investors the facility to trade stocks, commodities, and ETFs using bitcoin as margin collateral is pleased to announce the appointment of Jon Matonis to the First Global Credit Board as a non-executive Director.

16 March , 2015

CoinTelegraph Joins with First Global Credit to Unmask the Identity of Super Bitcoin Stock Trader

The search continues to find the most outstanding trader that can turn 100 Bitcoins Worth of Trading Power into Stock Pick Profits and win access to fully funded live trading account.

16 February , 2015

First Global Credit Adds New Bitcoin to Fiat Currency Switch Service to Growing Portfolio

First Global Credit launches radical new service that turns a significant risk into a profit opportunity

17 January , 2015

Congratulations to our winner of the Ticket to Prosperity Trading Competition

Equity and Bitcoin Trader Michael Caruso is the winner of the 6 week Ticket to Prosperity Competition. The competition launched on December1st 2014 set the task of using 100 ‘demonstration’ bitcoins and 33 trading days to build a fortune using the Bitcoins as margin to trade over 50 stocks, stock indices, ETFs and precious metals. As competition winner Michael will be awarded access to a funded trading account with an initial capacity to trade up to the value of 10 BTC.  

09 January , 2015

Service Update: First Global Credit Releases Quick Trade

Quick Trade allows users to setup a trading screen with their favourite markets, so they can place Buy or Sell orders with minimum effort

06 January , 2015

First Global Credit brings launch forward for planned Collateral Currency Switch Service for Bitcoin

Following the recent decline in the Bitcoin price and temporary suspension of trading at Bitstamp, First Global Credit announce a service to easily switch back and forth from Bitcoin to Fiat currencies with no interruption in stock market trading.

30 December , 2014

2015 Bitcoin Prediction: The Transformation from Transaction to Investment Currency

As 2014 draws to a close I find myself not just recalling the events of the past year but also looking ahead at the year to come.  2014 was a mixed year for Bitcoin; the ongoing post Mt Gox decline has fuelled the arguments of sceptics like Warren Buffet. On the other hand with merchants like Overstock integrating Bitcoin with their online payment systems there can be no doubt that Bitcoin is rapidly becoming an accepted form of transaction processing but where does it go from here?

23 December , 2014

First Global Credit says Happy 2015 with a gift to our Active Traders – Zero commissions on Active Trader orders until Jan 31.

Investors can use 5 times the value of their Bitcoin holding as margin to take positions in stocks, stock markets and precious metals

31 October , 2014

First Global Credit is now accepting applications to join Beta Test Program

For companies and people with the right type of experience inclusion in the Beta Program gives them an edge over their competitors and a voice in feature development.