After you register your username log into the demonstration trading account. This account mirrors the functionality of live trading and runs from a live market feed. You will be charged fees and receive dividend and interest income just as you would when live trading.

To get started go to the Deposit tab and add demonstration bitcoins to the account. You can go long or short stock or futures markets, and trading out and back into bitcoin on the Currency Switch tab does not impact your available margin for market trading.

Collateral Margin Allocation

Opening Margin levels

  • Stock / ETF trading – 5:1
  • Futures trading – 1:1
  • Currency Switch trading – 2:1

The table on the right side of the Manage Orders tab shows the total Collateral in the account and the amount of collateral margin available for trading. Maintenance margin is more forgiving than the opening margin levels listed above.

For more information visit the Quick Start Guide or The Trading Manual.

It’s time to start making actual bitcoins

After you are well versed in platform functionality, login and visit the Account Settings tab to verify your account so you can use your bitcoin margin to make more bitcoins.