Now you can use the value of your bitcoins to trade global markets, while retaining their appreciation value. At present it is only possible to deposit and withdraw bitcoins from the site but if the market grows to accept other digital currencies we will expand the platform to include those as well.

What can you trade?

There are over 200 well known stocks traded on the First Global Credit website. Currently the site includes trading US, UK and Hong Kong stocks. It is also now possible to trade futures on the site.

How is profit added to my account?

When you close part or all of a position, or the market moves 10% in your favor or against you, the PnL is crystalized in bitcoin at the exchange rate in place at the time of the trade and added to your account balance.

Are trades actually placed in the market

We use a Direct Market Access (DMA) model to fill your trades. This means we place trades into the live market on your behalf and then pass the fill along to you. First Global Credit makes money through published commissions and finance charges, not by charging our clients a variable spread.

Trade Currencies as Well

If you trade on a bitcoin exchange, the only way to make money is by selling and buying back your bitcoin. First Global’s Currency Switch Service allows bitcoin margin to be moved into and out of four fiat currencies while still securing your market trades. This not only provides another profit generation mechanism it turns short term bitcoin price reversals into another profit opportunity.

Additional Revenue Opportunities

Accounts holding 10+ bitcoins are automatically credited with interest daily, whether or not those bitcoins are being used to market trade. Also, when a stock you hold yields a dividend that is added to your account.

Partner Opportunities

People working with client networks, digital asset funds or social communities dealing in bitcoin can use that as an opportunity to generate income as well. First Global offers referral fees and has an Introducing Broker program available for people willing to take a more active role in managing their contacts.

Contact [email protected] to discuss the opportunity.