Welcome to the NEW First Global Credit Trading Platform.

It’s easier to use and it’s fast!

We’ve re-engineered the entire platform from the database through to the user interface to enhance your trading experience. 

Making it easier than ever before to ‘Trade your way to more bitcoins.’

Functions still handled on the legacy platform

Several functions still need to be handled from the legacy platform. So if you want to verify your account, deposit or withdraw bitcoins, please log into the legacy platform. Demonstration accounts and live trading can be done either on the legacy or new trading platform.

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How do I start trading?

The first time you open the demonstration environment on the new trading platform it will already have 100 demonstration bitcoins added to make it easy to start practice trading. At any time you can click on the ‘Deposit’ menu item to reset your account. This will clear all existing trades and reset your demonstration account balance to 100 practice bitcoins.

But to get started trading on the new platform you need to set up a Market Watch List loaded with the markets you wish to trade.

Setting up one or more Market Watch Lists

Trades are all initiated from Market Watch Lists. You set up lists to suit how you like to trade. Since you can have as many Watch Lists as you like, you can segregate them by market type. Or set up the markets you expect to trade during fast markets, or set up a Watch List for currency trading alone. It’s entirely up to you.
Click on the Markets link in the navigation bar to open a new Market Watch List. Then click on the button to open the Market Library. Start to type the symbol or market name into the search box. When you see the market you want to trade highlighted, hit the select button and it will add it to the list. There is a limit of 10 markets per list.

How do I place an order?

Click on the blue button to open a buy window or click on the orange button to open a sell window for the market you wish to trade. Once the order has been setup, click ‘submit’ to place the order into the market. You can watch the order fill from the ticket window or select Order List from the Trading Menu to see a listing of all your orders from today.

How do I cancel an order?

If an order has not been filled yet you can cancel it by clicking on ‘cancel order’ in the Order Ticket Window. If the Order Ticket Window is closed you can open it by clicking on the order in the Order List WIndow.

How do I monitor my positions?

To monitor stock, ETF or futures positions select Market Positions from the Positions navigation menu. You can have more than one Position List open and you can filter the list to view exactly the information you need.
To monitor currency positions select Currency Trading Balances from the positions navigation menu.

Can I view a market chart?

To view a chart of a market, right click on the market in the Market Watch List.

How do I close a position?

From the Position List click on the ‘Close Pos’ button. This will open an Order Ticket Window. You can close an order or decrease the size of your position or reverse your position by changing the number of units to trade. Click Submit to confirm your Order.

How do I view available collateral?

From the Positions menu select Collateral. The available collateral adjusts in real time. It includes both your unused account collateral and any profit in open positions that is not being used to secure other trades.

How do I monitor my currency trading positions?

From the Positions menu select Currency Trading Balances. This window will show all the currencies, crypto and fiat that you currently are trading and therefore holding a position in.

How do I save my Trade Desk configuration?

You have set up your trade desk exactly the way you like it but now you have to close your browser. Now there is a way to save your Trade Desk. Every time you leave a trading environment the platform automatically saves your Trade Desk setup onto your computer. This includes the contents of market watch lists. Noted Issue: At the moment, if you work from more than one computer there is no way to save a market watch list on one computer and have it be available on another. (an issue as of 2 July)>

I’m ready to live trade on the new platform is this possible now?

Yes, you can. If you have a verified account, select Live Trading Account from the drop down menu on the login page or from the drop down menu on the upper right hand side of the platform.

If you want to verify your account to trade with bitcoins, please log into the legacy site and select the Account Settings tab.

How do I add bitcoins to the site?

Currently, you need to log into the Legacy Platform to deposit bitcoins from your account.

How do I withdraw bitcoins from the site?

Currently, you need to log into the Legacy Platform to withdraw bitcoins from your account.

Can I go back to using the Legacy Platform?

For now, you can return to using the Legacy Platform. Log into the Legacy Platform as usual. Both platforms share the new upgraded middle tier so any trade you have made in the live trading environment will also appear in the Legacy Platform and can be closed or altered from there.

If you get other traders to sign up for services get them to add your username to the referral box and you’ll get a bonus every time they trade.

Earn Interest

First Global Credit automatically pays interest on all accounts over 10 BTC in size.

Good luck!