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The Quick Trade tab supports market, limit and stop orders for trading stocks, ETFs and futures markets. It is the easiest way to setup lists of markets you are interested in following and placing trades.

Set up a watch list in Quick Trade

From the ‘Market Type’ table select the radio button for the type of market you want to watch. In the example we have selected Futures markets. All the available markets will display in the table to the right. Highlight the market and month (if trading futures) you are interested in trading and click on the Add Symbol button below the table. The market will be added to the register on the left with a blue ‘buy’ and a red ‘sell’ button.

You can save your market list by clicking the green ‘Save as’ button and giving your list a name. You can recall your trade list by clicking the ‘Load’ button and selecting the list you want to work with.

You can have as many Watch Lists as you want. Just save each one with a unique name.

Checking Available Margin

The left column shows the total cash balance for the account represented in all the available currencies. The right column shows the cash collateral that is not currently allocated to a trade. Since retail accounts have 5:1 leverage that means you are looking at the available cash which can then be multiplied by 5 to represent your entire available margin. In this example the trader has 6 BTC which has a current value of 3000 USD. If the 3000 USD are multiplied by 5 it yields 15,000 dollars of available margin.

Placing a Quick Trade

Equities and ETFs only trade during Exchange hours. Futures markets trade 24 x 7.

  1. Click the Buy or Sell button next to the market you want to trade to open the ‘Place Order’ window.
  2. Enter the quantity you want to trade, whether the trade should be a Market, Limit or Stop order. If it is a Limit or Stop order, add the level you would like to trade at. (the current Bid and Offer at displayed in the window as well.)
  3. Submit the order to place the trade.
  4. Now go to the ‘Manage Orders’ tab where you can see your trade in the Pending Manage Order table. When it is filled, you will be able to see it and all your live trades on the Position Management tab.

Close a trade, change a stop or take profit

On the Position Management tab

  1. Select the trade you wish to alter from the ‘Current Position’ table by clicking the radio button to the left of the trade. This will assign an Order ID to your change.
  2. From the ‘Change Type’ pull-down menu you can select Enter Closing Order, Sweep BTC Balance or Change Stop Level. (Please note that an automatic stop is set when you enter a position)

Switch your margin out of or back into bitcoins (while still trading stocks)

The Currency Switch Service allows you to move your trading margin from bitcoins to other currencies and back without closing your market trades. You can trade up to 2 times the number of bitcoins you have in your account on the Currency Switch tab.

The Currency Switch service is available 24 x 7.

Pick the column that relates to the currency you wish to trade.

  1. See the amount of bitcoins you can trade in the grey box to the left of the order windows. The box says “The maximum number of BTC you can switch is + or –” This number will be twice the number of bitcoins in your account because 2 times leveraging is allowed.
  2. Enter the amount of fiat currency you want to buy or sell. You can also enter the amount in terms of numbers of bitcoins.
  3. You can see 5 bids and 5 offers around the mid-price. You can see the number of dollars available (or other currency) to the right of the Bid or Offer. You can Take any of the Bid or Offer prices that exist in the market when you place your order or you can Make a new Bid or Offer price that will be added to the market.
  4. Click the Buy or Sell button and a Confirmation Pop-up Window will display (in bitcoin terms) the order you are about to enter. If you are happy with the details, click the Submit button. If you want to cancel the order click the Close button.
  5. As soon as the order is filled your currency position will be displayed in the box at the top of the currency you are trading.

Switch fiat currency back into bitcoins

At the top of the column of the currency you are trading, you will see a green Close button. Clicking that will return your fiat balance to zero.

Now you’re ready to start making real money!

It’s time to verify your account and get trading stocks using your bitcoins as trading margin.

  1. Login, go to the Account Settings tab and fill in the form.
  2. You will need a picture ID such as a passport, government issued identity card or driver’s license.
  3. You will need proof of the address you filled into the form. This can be a utility bill, credit card or bank statement. It has to be less than 3 months old.
  4. You will also need a telephone that accepts text messages. This is because when you want to withdraw money from the site we will send this phone a coded text message. You enter that code into the withdrawal page as an anti-fraud measure. That’s also the reason that you will need to verify your account again if you need to change the phone number.

Adding bitcoin margin to your Live Account

After we send email approval of your Live Trading – Investor Service Account. Log in and go to the Deposit / Withdrawal tab

Click on the ‘Generate Wallet ID’ button. The ‘Copy Wallet ID’ button places that 34 character code into your computer’s copy buffer so it can be pasted into your personal wallet to initiate a bitcoin transfer. When you add the code to your personal wallet spot check the numbers to make sure malware has not inserted a hacker’s wallet address to your computer’s buffer fraudulently. Checking the first 4 or last 4 characters is a good rule of thumb whenever copying wallet data.

Everything else works just like it did in the demonstration account. Good luck. Please consider sharing your views with us and other traders on our Facebook page. Or let us know if there is any way we can make the platform better.

Removing profits from the site

1.      Navigate to the Deposit/Withdraw tab in your Live Account
3.      Select the withdraw link (to the left)
4.      Enter the Wallet ID where you want the bitcoins to go
5.      Enter the amount of bitcoins you are sending to that wallet
6.      Click on the Request Withdrawal Code button
7.      You will receive a SMS text on your mobile phone. Enter that number into the provided field on the withdrawal page
8.      Click Enter
Within a maximum of 2 business days (frequently sooner) you will receive your bitcoins to this nominated wallet.

Get your friends to sign up too

If you get other traders to sign up for services get them to add your username to the referral box and you’ll get a bonus every time they trade.

Earn Interest

First Global Credit automatically pays interest on all accounts over 10 BTC in size.

Good luck!

For further information visit the Online Trading Manual.