The Elite Private Trading Group

What is the Elite Trading Group?

The Elite Trading Group is a hand-picked team of profitable traders that are part-subsidised by First Global Credit. Membership not only opens the doorway to low risk profits but also to incentives like subsidized sports cars leases. Members in the Elite Trading Group can also use their live trading records to become part of the Star Trader Tracking Program, the First Global Credit Social Trading Group.

Membership in the First Global Credit Elite Trading Group is by application only. Traders that win one of our competitions enter the programme at the Novice Level. Traders that join by application can try for a membership at the Novice, Professional or Superior level. The trader needs to submit a statement of trading strategy and state which level they wish to apply for. Traders applying for Professional or Superior accounts will also need to supply a Curriculum Vitae of their trading experience. These should be emailed to marcie.terman AT firstglobalcredit DOT com.

Elite Trading Programme Levels

Qualification Trader’s Deposit FGC Deposit Opening Margin Profit Split
Novice 1 BTC 1 BTC 2 BTC 75% to trader
Professional 3 BTC 2 BTC 5 BTC 80% to trader
Elite 8 BTC 2 BTC 10 BTC 90% to trader

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Professional leverage – set at a higher level than retail trading accounts.
  • Limited risk – loss is limited to the trader’s bitcoin deposit. First Global Credit will cover any additional loss if a losing trade cannot be closed in time and the trader incurs additional loss to the available account margin.
  • Optional sports car lease – part paid out of the trader’s profit, part covered by First Global Credit. Novice traders can apply after Level 13 is achieved, Professional traders can apply after Level 11 is achieved and Superior traders can apply after level 10 is achieved.
  • Automatic admittance into the Star Trader Tracking Programme if the trader wants to apply.
  • Traders can suggest markets to be added to the site if they have identified an upcoming opportunity. All new markets must be accepted by the First Global Credit Risk Management team before they are added to the system.

How do I apply to join the group?

  1. Start by creating a Demonstration (paper trading): Account to get access to the trading website.
  2. Verify your account: Log into the Paper Trading Account and following the instructions on the Account Settings Tab to verify your account for live trading. You will need a photo ID and proof of address, such as a credit card or bank statement, utility or phone bill.
  3. Submit your strategy statement and CV if you wish to apply for a Professional or Superior Account to marcie.terman AT firstglobalcredit DOT com.
  4. Acceptance into the programme:We will review your application and inform you within 5 business days whether we will accept you into the level applied for or if we suggest starting at a more modest level. Upon acceptance you will be able to access the Elite Trading Group from the drop-down menu on the New Trading Platform. 
  5. Deposit: Currently deposits are made onto the legacy trading platform into the Live Trading Account. We will move your bitcoin deposit into the Elite Trading Group along with First Global Credit’s contribution. Enter the promo code ELITE into the correct field and click the button to generate your unique wallet ID. Copy this ID into your off-site wallet to deposit your bitcoins into the Account. (Always spot check the last 4 characters in the ID when copying and pasting wallet IDs to combat fraud.) 
  6. We will acknowledge receipt of the bitcoins and open the account by the next business day.

Next Step

When you log into the new trading platform, select Elite Trading Group from the drop- down menu and start trading!.