Elite Trading Group Current Membership

Mike Caruso

Membership Start Date: January 2015
Professional Trader
Specialty: Stock Trading

Bio Notes: Mike trades US equities and options professionally. He has won two of our trading competitions.

2 Time Winner

Kipp Watson

Membership Start Date: January 2016
Private Trader
Specialty: Currency Trading

Bio Notes: Kipp is a bitcoin consultant. He was one of three winners of the 100 Bitcoin Trading Challenge beating out hundreds of talented traders.  

Aaron Welton

Membership Start Date: August 2015
Private Trader
Specialty: Trades both stocks and currencies

Bio Notes: Aaron is a consultant and web developer, He is a two time winner of previous FGC competitions.

3 time winner

Barry Goers

Membership Start Date: August 2015
Private Trader
Specialty: Trades both stocks and currencies

Bio Notes:  Barry is a professional hockey player who holds a degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell. In 2013 he was the Head Organizer for Project Genesis, Antiugua, Guatemala. Genesis is involved in building and growing schools in Antiqua and Guatemala.

Jason Geist

Membership Start Date: May 2015
Private Trader
Specialty: Stock trading

Bio Notes: Jason is a software engineer interested in 3D printing who trades privately.

Alejandro Alvarez

Winning Category: Futures
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Serial Entrepreneur, Computer and Network Security Expert
Specialty: Futures trading

Bio Notes: Alejandro is a serial entrepreneur and father of 4 who not only enjoys futures trading, but a rich and active lifestyle as well.

2 time winner

Perica Vukelj

Winning Category: Stock Trading 
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Software Developer
Specialty:Stocks and options

Bio Notes: Perica is a happily married software developer living in the beautiful country of Montenegro. He has a daughter who is very important to his happiness. While he works in development, he is also a bitcoin holder who likes to occasionally trade stocks and options. 

Eric Stein

Winning Category: Bitcoin FX Trading
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Entrepreneur, Master trader, guitarist and Search Engine Optimization specialist
Specialty:Stocks, futures and bitcoin trading

Bio Notes: Eric is a true Renaissance man who at age 35 has been involved in the bitcoin ecosystem since 2013.


Winning Category: Overall markets
Membership Start Date:
 May 2016
Day Job: Full time trader/gambler/ Entrepreneur
Specialty:Stocks and currency

Bio Notes: Entheogenism is full of strong opinions and is absolutely another Renaissance man with a huge number of diverse interests. Among these accomplishments he is a self-styled crypto enthusiast and decade-long FX and stock trader. A transhumanist-futurist, creative writer, ambitious person interested in space colonization & human enhancement.

Drosa Daniel Tararache

Winning Category: Stock and Currency
Membership Start Date:
November 2016
Day Job: Hospitality industry manager
Specialty:Stocks and currency

Bio Notes: Drosa Daniel Tararache is 36 year old and works full-time in the hospitality industry. In the past he has mined bitcoins but now is focusing on developing his talent as a trader, which he would like to see as a future career path.

Jay Trades

Winning Category: Stock / ETF Trading
Membership Start Date: May 2016
Day Job: Freelance
Specialty:Forex and Commodities

Bio Notes: Jay is 20 and is involved in a number of bitcoin related project. He is fairly new to trading and a real outlier, early adopter kind of guy. He bought his first bitcoin late in 2014 and is an analytical trader.

Adam Hennessy

Professional Level
Membership Start Date:
November 2016
Technical Traderstocks
Bio Notes:Sales & Marketing Professional and Blockchain Consultant with experience of social media, and asset management.

Nopie Susanto

Novice Level
Membership Start Date:
November 2016
Bio Notes:Founder of bitcoin community in Indonesia. Both a trader and miner.

Lawrence Schnellmann

Elite Level
Membership Start Date:
November 2016
Bio notes:Twenty two years’ experience as a professional equity trader. Specialties: Quantitative analysis. Technical analysis of both large and small cap equity issues.

Anibal Santaella

Winner: Satoshi Trading Club Competition
Membership Start Date:
May 2017
Bio notes:Anibal is a 39 year old Mechanical Engineer currently living in the UK. He is both a trader and a marathon runner!

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