I would like to invite you to become a self-employed trader working with with First Global Permit through our Permit Programme. These terms will allow you to trade while fitting in with the current US environment.

The Self-Employed Trader Permit Programme

The self-employed trader purchases a permit that will give him or her access to a funded trading account that is part-staked by FGC. You can submit an application to join at the Novice, Professional or Superior level. We will review your application and return a decision whether we are happy to start you at your selected level or if we suggest starting at a more modest level. If you want to apply for an upgrade to a higher trading level at a later date, you will have an opportunity to request a review after 90 days of trading. If there is space at that level and you have shown an aptitude for trading it may be possible to lift your account to the next trading level.

Permit Programme Levels

Qualification Cost of Permit Starting Trading Capital Profit Split
Novice 1 bitcoin 2 bitcoins 75% to trader
Professional 3 bitcoins 5 bitcoins 80% to trader
Elite 8 bitcoins 10 bitcoins 90% to trader


These accounts have a higher leverage allowances than retail accounts. That’s because if we’ve invited you to join as a self-employed trader, we think of you as a professional. Also, when you are ready to leave the Permit Programme, you will receive a departure bonus on your original trading capital, barring any losses. The departure bonuses are scaled based on the amount of capital remaining in your account and are detailed in the Self-Employment Contract.

If you are interested in joining email [email protected] with your level preference, Novice (Permit cost-1 BTC), Professional (Permit cost-3 BTC) or Elite (Permit cost-9 BTC.) I will email you back the appropriate contract for review and your signature. Scan the entire contract and return to me via email and then you can deposit your Permit fee through the website and get started immediately.

All the original perks of the group are still in place. Yes, this means the Boxster lease (Level 15) and Ferrari lease (Level 19). I am really looking forward to when people are up to the level of earning those.

I hope you will choose to join us. We’ve got limited capital to put into the programme and there are a lot of Americans we had to disappoint last June who will be receiving this offer.

Any questions, email me or contact me on SKYPE.
Good luck traders!

SKYPE: firstglobalcredit