AICOIN: An ALT coin with immediate value

AI∙COIN is having an Initial Coin Offering on the 17th of July that differs from many of the ICOs currently available today. These coins are being used as a mechanism for crowd funding new ideas with significant potential. The value of these coins will ultimately lie in the founders ability to execute a single strategy that brings a new service to market. If that strategy is a success the coin holders will benefit from holding the coin. If the founders fail to execute their plans, the coin value could fall to nothing.

However, AICOIN is based on a two stage strategy that immediately generates a return for AICOIN coin holders. Further, this strategy not only benefits AICOIN holders, but the public blockchain ecosystem as well.

Stage 1: Cryptocurrency trading

First Global has been working with a talented team of artificial intelligence developers to create a cryptocurrency trading strategy based on a series of models that profitably trade the 7 cryptocurrencies with the highest market cap. The live trading results can be viewed on the developer’s blog site –

One hundred percent of the assets generated through the ICO will be used to execute a strategy based on the trading decisions of the AI, which is known by the code name Wintermute. Then, to insure the best possible entry price for positions, we will use the existing First Global Credit hedging software to distribute orders across a range of exchanges.

Half the trading profits will be allocated back to the trading pool to increase trade volume and profit. But it is the allocation of the other half of the profits that make the AI∙COIN a truly unique enterprise with outstanding growth potential.

Stage 2: Public blockchain and AI start-up investment

Every quarter, 50% of that quarter’s trading profits will be allocated to an investment pool designated to fund an equity stake in an early stage public blockchain or AI start-up. The decision which company to invest in will be made by coin holder vote. This leverages off ‘The Wisdom of the Crowd’ theory that allows us to benefit from the experience, expertise and knowledge of coin holders to make the best choices about which companies to take a position in.

AICOIN will be fully tradable on various exchanges including the First Global Credit platform which will provide an aftermarket for the purchase and sale of the coins. The fact that there will be no new coins issued once the Initial Coin Offering has closed should cause the coin to trade at a multiple of its asset value as the company starts to make trading profits and holds a growing number of equity positions in promise new start-ups.