Service Overview

Since 2014 First Global Credit has been providing our customers new ways to trade with bitcoins to make a profit. Profit by using bitcoin as collateral margin to trade world-wide markets. Then make even more profit by using the Currency Switch Bitcoin Exchange to move out of and back into cryptocurrency at the same time they are stock market trading. This gives our clients an edge over other bitcoin holders who spend their time trying to pull value solely out of bitcoin market volatility. Or if they see a mainstream stock market opportunity closing out their bitcoin position and transferring their money to a conventional stock broker.

Trading stock markets using bitcoin margin

5:1 leverage on retail accounts. (For higher leverage ask about joining the Elite Trading Group.)
When you buy or sell stocks, ETFs, precious metals or indices on the First Global platform you retain ownership of your bitcoins and the long-term profit potential within them. We take a live market position on your behalf on the exchange.

With hundreds of US stocks, dozens of choices in both Hong KongGerman and UK equities plus dozens of ETFs to choose from there is no better way to maximize the potential of your cryptocurrency assets. In the future we will be adding a variety of different investment opportunities to suit your comfort level with risk, time frame and trading expertise. Our goal is to become the number one resource to bitcoin holders looking for ways to increase the value of their cryptocurrency capital Verified clients are invited to submit requests to have stocks added to the platform.

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Even more profit with the Currency Switch Service

2:1 Leverage on retail accounts. (For higher leverage read about joining the Elite Trading Group.)

If you hold the view that bitcoin is due for a short term correction and you want to divest some of your holdings into fiat currency there is absolutely no need to close your market positions. Just use First Global Credit’s unique Currency Switch Service to move your collateral into USD, GBP, EUR or CHF. With just a few mouse clicks you can trade up to two times the value of your total margin into fiat and back again at the right time. You can benefit from bitcoin’s price movement while simultaneously taking advantage of stock market opportunities.

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Futures Trading with bitcoin margin

1:1 leverage

Now you can also use your bitcoins as margin to trade a variety of futures contracts from indices to precious metals and oil. Futures contracts already have leverage built in so leverage remains at 1:1, but First Global customers have more choice than ever to trade their way to more bitcoins.

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Transparent fees and best market prices

First Global Credit takes positions on your behalf on the live exchange. This makes for a sustainable business, not based on taking our profits when our customers lose or on spreads that are wider than the actual market. You benefit from DMA (Direct Market Access) which delivers the fill back to your account at the same price it is trading in the live market.

Our revenue model is based on clearly defined fees, not by taking a spread on the fill or trading longs against shorts and hoping we make money on the back of our client’s losses. Further, we make sure you get the best possible price in the market by having access to a broad range of counter-parties including dark pools.