Trade stocks from 4 countries. The U.S., the U.K., Germany and over 50 stocks traded on the Hong Kong Exchange

Choose from hundreds of stocks and ETFs: Now you can use your bitcoins as margin to trade well known stocks and ETFs. There’s no need to convert your bitcoins to fiat currency to trade. Just deposit bitcoins in your First Global Credit account and you’ll be able to buy or sell up to 5 times the value of your bitcoin account balance in stocks and ETFs. If you are holding a long position in a stock on the day it delivers a dividend, that dividend is added to your account in bitcoins. Our commission structure is lower than most online brokers and our finance rates on par with what is offered to professionals. Profits are converted to bitcoins and added to your account balance making this the best way to maximize the growth potential of your bitcoins.

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Getting Started

1. Go to the Registration page and enter a username, password and current email address.
2. Go to the login page and select ‘Paper Trading – Investor Service‘ from the Account Type pull down menu. Click on the Account Settings Tab and enter your details on this secure page. You will need to provide a scan of a photo ID and proof of address not more than 3 months old.
3. Within 24 hours you will receive an email verifying your account. To log in to your live account select ‘Live Trading – Investor Service‘ from the Account Type pull down menu.  Go to the Deposit /Withdraw tab and follow the instructions to deposit bitcoins as margin to fund your account.
4. Now you are ready to trade. You can buy or short over 100 different stocks or ETFs. Visit the online manual for simple instructions on how to place orders.
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A note about trading UK stocks

To place limit orders for UK stocks you must denominate your trades in pounds and pence. For example if you wanted to buy 1 share of Ladbrokes [LSE symbol: LAD] which is currently trading at around 117.3 pence, you would enter the limit order as 1.173. One pound and seventeen point three pence. This is due to the way the prime broker denominates their systems.


Risk Management Sweeps

If a market moves 10% from the entry price, First Global Credit may sweep that profit or loss into bitcoins. There is no commission for this action.

Fees and Income

Interest on bitcoin deposits

We automatically pay interest on bitcoin accounts over 10 BTC not being held in a Xapo wallet. The interest is paid on the entire account whether or not the bitcoins are being used to finance a stock market, futures or currency trade.
(Traders with over 100 BTC on the site can request that some of their capital be held in a multisig Xapo wallet.)


US and UK Stocks: 0.1% on the value of the trade ($1/$1,000 worth of stock)

Hong Kong Stocks:  0.1% on the value of the trade ($1/$1,000 worth of stock)


SFC Transaction Levy – 0.0027% (on each leg of the trade)

Stamp Duty – 0.1% (on each leg of the trade) 


US and UK Stocks and ETFs: The overnight rate from day 1 –90 of a position – 0.023%

The overnight rate from day 91 onwards = Fed Funds plus 2% (annual rate)

Hong Kong Stocks: Overnight rate of Day 1 – 90 that a position is held: 0.023%

Overnight rate of Day 91 onwards: the HKD HIBOR (overnight rate).+2% (annual rate)

Stock and index dividends

If you hold a long position on the day a stock or stock index yields a dividend that is paid to your account. If it is a US stock this will be paid minus the 30% US withholding fee. If you hold a short position on the day of a dividend yield, that is charged to your account.

There is no fee to deposit or withdraw bitcoins from your account.


Don’t let your bitcoins grow mouldy hidden under your digital mattress! You can now unlock the value in your bitcoins by using them as margin for stock market trading. Best of all, you get the benefit of your stock trading while holding onto your bitcoins. Register now.